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Meet the Team

The Beyond Properties Group is a team of talented Agents that have come together to service all of your Real Estate needs from Residential to Commercial, Pre Sales, Land Assembly and Investment.

BPG was established in 2016 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Quickly prospering, it now has associates in Toronto, Canada and parts of America. From the international clients and investors to the local community, BPG is recognized as a heart based real estate group that cares and gives back.


Chris is an author, Forbes contributor, multimillionaire real estate investor and adviser and a philanthropist.
As a seasoned real estate adviser of over 17 years, Chris Ryan is recognized as one of North America’s industry leaders in all facets of real estate. Chris is now focused on building a legacy that aims to make this world a healthier place from an environmental and humanitarian standpoint.
Prior to many of his notable successes and accolades in real estate, Chris authored a novel titled, “The Passion Hunt – Find Your Passion and Purpose in Life”.  A key philosophy shared in his book includes the concept of full spectrum wealth, meaning “to be truly wealthy, one must achieve wealth in all areas of life such as physical, mental, spiritual, financial, relational and legacy wealth”.  He will publish and release this book in 2019.
Throughout his work and life, his overarching goal has been to make people more conscious of what really matters in life.  In 2010, he enjoyed a few inspiring seconds of fame when he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show where he was shortlisted for an opportunity to have his own show.  Chris was showcased first on the sizzle reel which aired his message: “I want to make people more conscious”. From that experience he continued to level up his life, additionally fueled by his desire to create a loving family of his own and means to support them. Two years later he met his beautiful wife, Chelsea and married in 2015. In 2017, they welcomed their first son Andreas.
During this time, Chris went on to become the founder of his own real estate group called Luxury Lifestyles, which he later expanded to become Beyond Properties Group. Beyond Properties Group consists of heartfelt leaders joining together out of a desire to make a positive change in the real estate industry. They created their Core Values around giving back, transparency and evolving in both the industry and themselves. BPG takes on initiatives that are environmentally or humanitarian focused and has initiated beach cleanups around the world, building community and camaraderie by removing garbage from beaches and oceans.
Chris is a recipient of numerous awards in the real estate industry, ranging from donation contributions to number one team and individual awards such as the Chairman’s award and Hall of fame award.  His success in the real estate profession has led to many news articles and being featured on CBC, Forbes and local Vancouver newspapers. His recent move to eXp Realty has supported the expansion of his heart led real estate group worldwide.  He is also an ambassador for the Non-Profit group known as the World Housing Association ( Chris continues to focus on his passions to help leaders lead, businesses grow and create larger impact through his philanthropy work.
Chris incorporates his heart led leadership in all areas of his life.  His passion is to present those around him a better sense of who they really are, why they are here and their respective natural talents.  His intention being that this will carry over and radiate to those they support and influence. He has fully adopted the quote: “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” – Zig Ziglar
Chris has coined the acronym L.I.O.N – Leading Inwardly Outwardly Now.  This approach will lead to the ability to identify opportunities on the horizon, above the status quo, without hesitation and beyond any limiting beliefs.  He aims for success in a world guided by one’s inner LION and he believes to be a true leader we must lead from the heart and project that vulnerability (and strength) at all times.  This approach leads to true, lasting positive impact upon oneself and others.
His number one passion remains to give back through inspirational leadership and legacy building. His laser focus on becoming his best self and achieving full spectrum wealth has culminated into an opportunity to further promote the message of increased consciousness, awareness, purpose finding and legacy building.  His intention is to help identify and support bright lights and new talents: makers, creators, successful athletes, actors, business founders, CEO’s and independently wealthy. The ripple effect of supporting this demographic will lead to positive impact upon the millions of people they also influence. Chris is currently in planning stages to create impactful retreat spaces that will offer heart based, conscious influencers a place to gather and unlock their full potential, while building out legacies of their own.
Chris and his beautiful wife Chelsea, his son Andreas and daughter Aria spend the majority of time in Vancouver, Canada and Maui, USA. They are currently looking at properties in southern California to also call home.





Geoff is a North Vancouver real estate specialist and owner of the eXp office at 109 Lower Lonsdale. With over 20 years of marketing experience, Geoff’s business has been built on his ability to get homes sold.  He also trains agents using the Richard Robbins Masters Formula Program, as training and mentoring agents is one of his true passions. When Geoff isn’t selling real estate, you’ll find him in his kitchen, preparing delicious food for his family and friends or hiking  Grouse Mountain.



A West Coast native, real estate and design professional Karina Strachan founded Property Lifestyles with a vision to to properly position, prepare, present and promote properties to appeal to today’s buyers.
With over 25 years experience in business development, buying and selling, designing and building, renovating, staging and marketing properties, she offers a proven formula, built on a solid foundation, and delivered by top industry professionals and local experts.
Her multidisciplinary system draws inspiration not only from real estate, but business, demographics, design, staging, marketing, public relations and branding as well.
Based in Vancouver, Karina – the Property Lifestylist – collaborates closely with local and international experts on a wide range of projects, scaling from consulting and property lifestyles to full blown renovations and builds.
Her deep rooted passion allows for creating aspired spaces while undertaking proactive measures to build the best equity and offer the most marketable product possible within the constraints of time and budget, regardless of market challenges.
By cultivating connections and consistently curating and creating compelling content and emotional connections, Karina’s property lifestyles stand out, both online and in person!



Jeff  is a full time professional real estate advisor specializing in the North Vancouver and West Vancouver areas.  Born and raised in North Vancouver, Jeff has witnessed the tremendous change and growth that has transformed Vancouver into a global city and one of the most sought-after urban metropolises on the planet.

“Today’s client has tremendously high expectations, is very industry savvy, and knows exactly what they want from their real estate experience.  Leveraging my experience in the customer service industry, I pride myself on delivering a world-class client experience, presented through the lens of exceptional service, high-tech marketing techniques, and personal touches that put my clients needs first.”

Jeff has worked in environmental and economic development, sales, and the human resources field in the fitness and tourism industry.   Jeff has a Bachelors of Tourism Degree with a focus on Outdoor Recreation and Resource Management, and cites music composition, recording and shark-diving as his greatest passions and achievements.





BC born & raised, Colin has worked and traveled in various countries. He has owned a few different businesses that have a common factor of a high level of customer service with a referral based business model. Education in business, finance, real estate and construction allows him to see multiple sides to every challenge. This is an asset that translates to immediate value in every relationship.
In his spare time he enjoys the gym, golf, music, skiing & hiking or travelling somewhere new.



Harrison has been a White Rock and Crescent Beach local for the past 15 years; You would struggle to find someone who truly knows these areas as he does. Harrison has witnessed the success of these local real estate markets as the neighborhoods have thrived and evolved. Thanks to a great understanding of the local market he was lead to his dream job.

Always driven to achieve his next milestone or goal, Harrison values diligence, hard work, and genuineness. Because of this he always strives to get the best result for those he works with. Harrison helps both Luxury and Residential buyers and sellers in the lower mainland.

Other than real estate, Harrison is passionate about luxury cars, investing, and fitness. In his free time, he can be found running, reading, and watching the sunset.




Raj is a full time, Professional Real Estate Agent and has been proudly serving South Surrey, Cloverdale and South Langley areas as their go to Real Estate Specialist. Raj is fluent in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. Raj has been a resident of Cloverdale with his beautiful wife, two lovely kids and a standard poodle. Before migrating to Canada and calling “Beautiful British Columbia” home, Raj achieved his Engineering degree from India, Post Graduate from Toronto, ON  and Master’s degree from Ohio, US along with various certifications (PMP and CSM) from reputed institutions. Raj has worked in Engineering Research & Development, Startups, Automation, Quality Assurance, US-Federal Contracting and many parallel positions with very successful brands like DELL, SAMSUNG, Google, Motorola, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Veteran Affairs Medical Centres to name a few. Raj is a PhD. dropout and graciously comes across as a RealDOCTOR aka REALTOR.

Raj firmly believes when dealing with the most expensive asset of your life, you need to work with a highly qualified Real Estate Professional who holds Client’s interest above his own. Raj understands his Client needs, to then engineer a memorable Real Estate selling & buying experience with utmost honesty, integrity and gratitude. Raj very strongly believes in serving his client right instead of “Selling” Real Estate; he primarily focuses on understanding the “true need” of a family looking to move into a house they can call home for years to come

In his spare time, Raj loves teaching young kids Computer Programming in a fun way to engineer their own Computer Games and convert screen time productive very much STEM oriented. Raj currently is the sole sponsor of 3 “LevelUp Kids” learning centres out of Surrey, South-Surrey and Burnaby. Raj has been voluntarily teaching Mathematics and Physics to high school students for over 2 decades now. In addition to contributing towards shaping the future of young kids, Raj loves teaching soccer, cycling, snowboarding & hiking to his son & daughter as well as going on long adventurous drives. After living in Canada and US – Investing in Real Estate himself in NYC, TX, California and Beautiful British Columbia – he strongly believes in delivering world class Real Estate experience to his qualified clients.



Simer is an author, a successful business owner, a coding coach for kids and advocate for lending a helping hand in the community when needed especially being fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi. She calls Cloverdale, BC her home where she lives with her 2 kids and amazing husband. Being a mom of two, she understands the needs of young growing family specially when buying your first home or upgrading to a single family home.

Simer is a full time real estate agent serving the Cloverdale and South Surrey areas of the Fraser Valley. Being a successful business owner, she understands that Customer Service and Relationships take priority over just “Making a Sale”. She is always supporting fellow entrepreneurs (especially women) by always encouraging them to push their boundaries and achieve what they desire.

Having a strong educational background such as MBA (Finance), M.Sc (Computer Science), Certified Scrum Product Owner & a Certified Scrum Master; Simer believes in systems and processes, while applying the Sales and Marketing experience to all her Real Estate deals. Her education, experience, systems, a proven Sales and a Marketing Plan works in the favour of her clients.

Simer’s business and life revolves around Gratitude. She is grateful for everything she has, her clients and to be able to call this beautiful British Columbia her home. She believes that if we are grateful for the little and the big things in our life, the universe will give us more to be Grateful for.

After living in Canada, US & India, buying ‘n selling Real Estate(s) in the all three countries, has given her the experience and honed her negotiation skills to work in the best interest of her clients.




Mojdeh has the passion for helping people find a home that they love by heart. She enjoys living in Lower Lonsdale and also knows the area and buildings very well. If you want to experience living in LOLO and would like to find your dream home that looks perfect from an architect’s eyes, she’ll be more than happy to assist you.
A 1st Level architectural designation and 14 years of experience in Design, Construction, Oversee and Sales in Iran, makes her exceptional Realtor. 



Brittany is a full time professional real estate agent serving Maple Ridge and its surrounding area. Brittany grew up in Port Coquitlam but also lived in Port Moody and Downtown Vancouver before settling down in Maple Ridge with her family.

Brittany is newly licensed but no stranger to Real Estate. Brittany grew up in a family full of successful realtors, worked as an unlicensed assistant and also works with a company that tutors students to help them pass UBC’s Real Estate Exam.

Brittany has a background in business and Entrepreneurship and has built/ self-marketed many businesses including 4 child care centers in the Lower Mainland which she has since sold. For fun Brittany enjoys investing in Real Estate, trading stocks and spending time with her two daughters.

“If there is one thing I have learned over the years it’s that if you give clients exceptional customer service you will always get exceptional results”-  Brittany Lynne



Eva grew up in Connecticut and is now proud to call Vancouver home. Coming to real estate from a successful career in music as a classically trained cellist, Eva always brings professionalism and dedication to everything she does.

She has reached a pinnacle of success and achieved the highest possible honours on the cello, most recently performing with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. She holds a very prestigious Bachelor’s degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music and a Master’s degree in music from Carnegie Mellon University. Eva has developed an immense amount of skills from her active performance career as a cellist and teacher that include determination, hard work, and resilience. She loves to draw many parallels from music to real estate—how to be on a team, collaborate, meet deadlines quickly, be creative, work with others, meet standards under pressure in a competitive nature, and perform in a high-pressure situation, just to name a few. She possesses all of the skills needed for successful negotiations in her abilities to remain calm, kind, and strong. She is excellent at balancing many different facets and recognizes that this is the most monumental investment and decision most people will make in their lifetime. Eva is there to make the process as seamless as possible.

Eva is genuine, trustworthy, and thoughtful. She is someone who will listen and take great responsibility, integrity, and care in all of your real estate needs. Eva has excellent taste and will treat every sale as if it is her own. She is enthusiastic about being there every step of the way. Eva lives in Kitsilano and when she is not working in real estate or music, you will likely find her running along the Spanish Banks. She is also passionate about healthy cooking and traveling. Her biggest dream is to donate to Type 1 Diabetes research in the near future.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, Eva is very excited to work with you



A trusted Realtor & savvy investor since 2012, Ario Moghaddam, has been supporting clients across the Greater Toronto Area.

Ario has a strong track record of success with all types of real estate transactions. He brings a myriad of experience as he holds a large portfolio of personal investment properties, has completed several home renovations, BRRRs (Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance & Repeat) & has begun building custom homes. Whether supporting seasoned investors or first time home buyers, he is known for being heart-centred. He firmly believes in a win-win approach and he is driven to see his clients realize their real estate goals and achieve maximum returns. His approach is the reason why he is continuously a top producer in the industry and the recipient of several awards.

His clients describe him as being attentive, caring and a person with strong values. They love his outside of the box thinking, his connections and ability to strategize and bring people together.

Prior to real estate Ario led a successful career in corporate finance where he became well versed in analyzing economics, finance and markets.

Ario enjoys giving back to the community. He’s involved with numerous community organizations including his local real estate board, correctional facilities and charitable groups. In his free time Ario loves to travel the world and spend time with his family.







Al is an award winning REALTOR® that has been a trusted resource in Real Estate since 2008. Al and his wife, Sharon, make a great team. Sharon is a former award winning REALTOR® and works as Al’s trusting assistant. (We all know who the Real Boss is) Their claim to fame is working with their friendly approach and unlimited desire to help clients achieve their Real Estate goal. Nothing is more satisfying than our client’s Possession Day. But keeping in touch with clients after the transaction is of great importance. Al
and his team are always on call and ready for your referrals.
His area of expertise is Residential, Condos and Country Residential in and surrounding Calgary area. His experience in construction over the years is proving very beneficial to assisting his clients. Al has associated himself with a local homebuilder specializing in ICF Home Construction in order to best cover the area of New Builds. We work by two slogans: Helping you with your next Real Estate Gem and Be Prepared to Achieve




Chelsea has been in the customer service industry for over 12 years and has been with the Group for the past 6 years. She enjoys the dynamic nature of her job and loves being a part of such an amazing team. Her primary role is to support the team from start to finish, she ensures every transaction runs smoothly and that all the clients’ needs are met to the highest standard. She also maintains the website and social media platforms, designs marketing materials and prepares the contracts and paperwork.

Married to Chris, she shares his goal of giving back to others and the community in which they live.

When she isn’t working, Chelsea enjoys travelling with her family, hiking through the North Shore trails, yoga and reading a good book.

The foundation of a successful Real Estate investment is an in-depth evaluation of our clients circumstances and home buying objectives. We are here to provide services that can be used for both investors and families in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Tell us about your real estate goals and let us help you grow your investment portfolio – with passion!

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